The DUS AD BOARD is a striking way of getting your message across. Apart from being the first thing that grabs passengers’ attention, it is also seen by a guaranteed total of up to 278,000 passengers per month in the A-gate arrivals area, and up to 597,000 passengers in the B-gate arrivals area. Large-format, outstanding-quality digital screens are available for you to show your video clips. And those in the A-gate arrivals area have just got even bigger, since we’ve increased the diagonal dimensions of the DUS AD BOARD. A surefire way of making sure that every single passenger sees them – and that’s up to 381,000 passengers a month!
New: AD BOARD Terminal!

2,194 - 3,985 euro/week 

Technical Details:
Production data: on request.

Media Daten 2019

Airport Media – Media Data 2019

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